UNREAL 4 - How to slower walk speed when character has lost health or food?

Hi, i wonder how to decrese character speed when his food bar or health bar increases, then he needs to get health to be faster again?

Plase share BP images, thanks

I’m not on a PC now, but for do something like this, use an event tick that check the healt, and you have to set the max walk speed when the healt is under a certain %.

You can Use an Event Dispatcher or an event in general when your Health changes or your character becomes hungry and use your new Health/ Hunger as an input parameter and change the Walk Speed according to that input parameter

Or you can do a repNotify on the health variable which sets the character movement - > walking speed to a new number, just by using rep notify on the variable

Thanks so much!

nothing like a BP image, i appreciate it so much Visnarel