UNREAL 4 - How to make a character animation BP for: born, grow up and die applying a blendshape?

I have a blendshape from Maya to make my character grow up from child to old, its already loaded in Unreal, but what i dont understand is… how can i make it work with a BP, so it takes for example 3 weeks from the time my character appears, for this entyre animation to happen, so when i load my character for the first time it has to appear small and grow during time?

After this time happens my character has to die and dissapear from the game and a new born AI character will take it´s place after a while.

I was thinking on making it appear scaled to .25 this way i wont have to change any joint because it will be complitly small, then during grow up to scale 1.0 the mesh will deform with the blendshape to old.

Please share some pics for BP reference guys,