UNREAL 4 - How to flip flop AI targets with pawnsensing? BP image att.

Hi, i´m creating an AI BP, meaning no BTree, pawnsening works like a charm… But, i canot flip flop between 2 targets; Target 1 is a player and Target 2 is a building, AI does make the switch from T1 to T2 (because i unchecked “only see players”), but once it finds second target, it stays there shooting, and now player (target 1) can even stay in front and it wont flip, print string confirms AI actually finds both targets but AI never follows first target, it cant decide wich one is more important i guess… here is my BP, it finds by “BP name” but i want it to find multiple targets and flip as son as it seems a new one, if you have any better idea please help and coment:

Please help! if posible with BP images.

HI, just updating that i also tested pawnsensing with object class reference, and same problem, AI sticks to second target once it finds it and ignores frist one even if it finds it: