-Unreal 4 - How much & how to measure, impact of Tick Events if they are blocked by a branch?

Hi, i added a tick to my enemies… they wont really use most of it, until something happens in the game and i wont enable disable tick, it has to be enable, so i worried about all my enemies trigering a tick event at same time, to fix this i created a Branch after tick event, so tick wont trigger unless a condition is true,

But… i still question myself if this blocking of the tick “signal” LOL or whatever that is, sinse this “signal” is still going to be sent every second and Will stop at the Branch, even if its stop right after been generated by the tick is this still going to impact performace of my game? or it Will only impact performance if the event tick is triggering other stuff? but in any case, how to measure the impact of tick per enemy just to be sure?


Each tick will have a relatively small cost.

Every frame, each tick is scheduled via the task graph. If your tick is in BP then it will also require the BP VM to evaluate as well.

If you have less than 10 enemies, dont worry about it.

If you have 100k enemies then it is something to think consider.

The fact you are gating the tick will help alot.

My range of enemies Will be arround 150 or more, thats why i worry about the impact of ticks, either they are at enemies, character or Level BP, the mix of all those 3 i think its going to impact my game,

thats why i wanted to block the “signal” of some ticks to only continue triggering other stuff if the Branch allows it, but no idea how to messure if even blocked by Branch, this signal been triggered is still going to affect me, even do its not triggering nothing until Branch allowes it. I really worry about ticks because my game its open world, then i need to be really carefull about everything.

You can gate ticks, that helps, you can stop actors ticking or you can slow down the tick: Class Default > Tick Interval.