Unreal 4 crashes upon save

I wasn’t sure where to post this, but this is the sub-forum I’ve always used. I have a reoccurring issue with Unreal where my project crashes every time I save. Almost every time at least. I had the issue before and it was solved after verifying and downloading again. This time that isn’t solving it. I’ve sometimes gone in and re-imported several textures and then had it save OK (strange). I keep making changes to the material nodes and then whenever it either auto saves or I “Ctrl + S” it crashes. It usually is stuck on “determining asset backup validity”. I went in and deleted the backup and auto save files, but no help. Obviously this is a problem I need to fix. Any help? Thanks

Note: this is a project specific issue, there must be something causing it.

Please post this to the **AnswerHub**under the “Bugs” section. We can assign it to one of our support staff to look into it soon.

For future reference, anytime you find bugs, crashes, or installation issues the best place is the AnswerHub. We strive to answer all the questions in these sections and get users back to making awesome content as soon as possible. You can also post general questions you have in the other sections where community members and our support staff will help out in these areas as well. :slight_smile:

Thank you!