Unreal 4.20 LPV Problem???Please

Hi everyone,

I performed all the steps to enable LPV GI. I made

  • edit the “ConsoleVariables.ini” file, I add r.LightPropagationVolume=1 at the bottom, right below the [Startup] category
  • *Directional Light and Skky Light moveable
  • E*nable Dynamic Indirect Lighting on the Directional Light.
  • Project Settings > Rendering Enable Generate Mesh Distance Fields and Enable Generate Landscape Real time Gİ
    *- *World Settings = “Force No Precomputed Lighting” which is located under the Lightmass category, check the checkbox to disable the use of Lightmass.
  • I add post process settings with unbound and i changed value of LPV intensty

But nothing happens. I checked visualizins LPV but again nothing happens.
Where am i doing wrong ? Can you help me this issue, please.

There is this guy which has the Unreal Lighting Academy post somewhere in the forum, but I saved this link here and you can browse for more:

I just use the LPV in 4.20 for my testing, and everything looks good. I definitely found no problem in your steps, since you are taking steps in the doc.

btw, do you restarted the engine after editing the consoleVariable.ini file and distance field related settings?( probably yes

Thank you. I have done it.

LPV doesn’t work with Subsurface Profile, right now 4.26