Unreal 4.1 + Windows 8.1 Shuts Down entire PC

Hey guys,

I’ve been using Windows 8.1 Pro for a while now and have been running Unreal 4.0.1 up until the release of 4.1 with no issues. After upgrading to Unreal 4.1 I’ve been experiencing some random PC crashes where my entire computer just powers off. No blue screen, no warning, no error. It has happened within 2 minutes of opening Unreal and I’ve had the editor open as long as 30 minutes before it shuts off. It seems completely random but it does occur every time I run the editor. I still get 0 crashes when running 4.0.1 (or my other, older licensee versions).

Event Viewer is the Win8 program that allows you to check log files for errors and warnings, but as I expected, it shows absolutely nothing useful. It only reports that “an error has occurred”.

I’m running a GTX 680 with updated drivers (I updated from like 3.30 last night to the latest in an effort to resolve the issue), 12 gigs RAM, and a Core i7 920 CPU. I’ve run performance monitors while running unreal and nothing seems out of the ordinary leading up to the crash.

Any suggestions?

Hi ,

Please post this on the answerhub here for further assistance. Thank you!

Done - thanks!