Unpossess player when shot?

Hey there guys, I’m really stuck trying to do this. I’m making a multiplayer FPS game and what I’m trying to do is that when you would hit another player with a line trace, their mesh would go into ragdoll mode and they would get unpossessed. I’ve been able to do the ragdoll part so far, but I have absolutely no idea how I can unpossess the player when they get hit by a line trace. I’ve been trying to do this for several days now and I’m all out of ideas.

Please help if you know how to! Thanks.

So did you use “Unposess” node? if yes whats wrong with it can you paste you blueprint?

Well, there’s multiple ways I’ve tried to do this. The way I’m doing it now you can see in this screenshot: http://i.imgur.com/fGGzrCF.png This is working kinda close to what I want to achieve, but for some reason it only works for player 2. If player 1 shoots player 2, player 2 gets unpossessed, but never the other way around for some reason.

Never mind, found it! Pretty obvious to be honest, don’t know how I missed it.