Unpainted portions of Apex Cloth are Y-UP?

I’m using 3DS Max 2013 and Apex 1.3. I’ve created a robe with uniform quads, painted the max distance to the cloth, and everything looks awesome in Max. When I bring in the clothed model into UE4, things look fine.

When I attempt to assign Apex to the model as clothing, this is what happens:

The arms and the legs are painted with MaxDistance value, and respond well to wind generated within the editor. The torso and the cowl however are unpainted, and seem to default to the ground layer, regardless of how I export the files from Max - Z-UP / Y-UP doesn’t make any difference what so ever. None of the bones have scaling, rotation, and transformations of any kind.

I’d be happy to supply the FBX and apex file if anyone is interested.


Not sure of the reason this works, but painting a very small value, under 1cm for max distance, allows the cloth the act as unpainted, without reverting to y-up upon run time.

i.e, all surfaces must be painted.