[Unpaid] Fun Racing Game (Best for people learning/wanting Experience)

When i was around the age of 11-13 I would play a game called “Mod Nation Racers” on my PS3 almost everyday, it was fun, races were fun. You could customize your cars with decals and stuff, their were leaderboards, fun AI, a little hub to verse other peeps. “Car of the Day” things. It was fun.

I would love to make a fun racing game to put out for free. If anyone would like to join me on my quest hit me up.

I am mainly looking for people to 3D model, but people who want to program are welcome as well.

This shouldn’t be an overly ambitous project or anything like that. Just a simple racing game, maybe we make a few maps for people to play on against bots or friends but other than that… it’s mostly just getting it setup!

(FYI, blueprint programmers are welcome, that’s mainly what unreal was meant for. IF you know proper coding that’s cool too)
georgecrhennen#8969 is my discord, message me there!