[UNPAID] Anthony "Tony" Kalaydjian - Level Designer


Hi, my name is Anthony Kalaydjian, and I am aspiring to be a professional cyber-gaming level designer. I currently have two years in experience using Unreal Engine, and I am self-taught. I have not taken classes, however I’ve had the internet at my full disposal over that course of time.

EDIT: Please see some more of my work here. Note that some of it is out of date, but you can at least see where I was a year ago on my own.

About me:

I’m a huge gamer. I have a very strong competitive attitude and hate to lose at games I feel I’m good at. Call this a flaw? Probably, but it drives me like nothing else does to do better.

I currently have intermediate knowledge in blueprinting and an advanced knowledge in level design aspects, such as: lighting and indirect attraction.I also have two years of independent psychology study to help me get in the heads of the audiences in order to make a more visually and aesthetically pleasing map.

I have no previous professional experience, work, or projects under my belt except for my own practices. I am offering myself as a free service to build a portfolio and help me kick-start my career.

Here is a project I did myself over a year ago towards the start of my endeavor:
I am fully aware that when this video was taken that there are clear mistakes made, such as cracks between walls and lighting issues. These were all fixed and recognized, and I only have this demonstration video to show for it due to unforeseen circumstances resulting in total loss of the project. I hope that by seeing this which I had done only half a year into my career that my clientele may have more hope in how far I have come this much further down the road.

I am willing to take on new projects, however my only requirement is that I am provided with the assets/funding to do so.

Otherwise, my service is free to use. I may not be a professional, but I understand what it takes to deliver a pleasing end-result to any and all clientele.

For a temporary period of time, I will be referring to myself as the non-copy-written name Apoapsis Game Studios (subject to change, but it’s kind of growing on me to be honest).
My story:
I am a 20 (soon 21) year old college-student working part time at a discount retail store and attempting to balance getting my AA Degree and making enough to pay rent. I am doing my absolute best to get my career going fast in order to help my family.

(Sad part incoming:)
I do not have a father, and my mother who raised me is permanently disabled with a broken spine for over twenty years. We cannot afford her surgery, even with her insurance. I find it inherently my duty to repay her for taking care of me and bringing me up to be the man I am today by throwing myself out there into the world and doing what I love to make the money we need and make her proud.


I am willing to start anywhere. Please consider me to be apart of a team or for a project of choice. My only requirement is the provision of assets to do so.

Thank you all for reading this and considering me.


I do have a cell phone, and also a Skype, which you can get from me through emailing me first.

Additional Information:

Age: 20
Sex: Male
Location: Central Florida
Heritage: Armenian / Irish / Scottish
Traveling: Not yet
Availability: Most of the time (may vary)

If anyone has any comments about my service pitch I’m open to constructive criticism!

Thank you all~


I have edited my post! Please see the new link included after the first paragraph! Thank you all!

Hi, regards the post , sorry to hear about the ‘sad part’. If your still looking for something we may be able to set you up with some intern level stuff for level design on a project. we can set you up with a bunch of assets, see how you do, see how you do, and go from there.
I’ll PM you to follow up in a few hours. Let me know if your interested.

Hello friend … is still available … if you have discord or skype please give me to get in touch