Unnamed Office Scene - Playing around with UE4

So I thought that I’d share my current project with the community to get some feedback and also some additional motivation.
I’m trying to get along with the new functionalities of UE4 as well as gain some experience regarding level design, because i’m pretty new to this.
This only uses meshes that were shipped with UE4 but once I consider myself good enough at modeling there will may be some of my own in it.
It’s following some office or studio like theme.
Some pics:
The first room, acting as something like a reception or whatever you wanna call it. The details need to be replaced or relocated, its a bit to crowded in my opinion. THe lightning also is a bit too intense, need to change that.
Both of the Office/whatever buildings, currently only made of brushes.

Once the outside is looking acceptable i’ll post photos of that, too.

Really looking forward to everyones opinion and suggestions :slight_smile: