Unload stream level doesn't work

I am building a level system in my game but when I want to load the main menu from the In-Game, then unload the In-Game in blueprints;
The main menu is loaded with the In-Game at the same time.
With a test map instead of the map In-Game,the unload node works perfectly.

So here my question:
What could prevent/Break the unloading map?

In my level system I have a Overview level that is always loaded and an actor in that level that holds the code that handles most of the unloading and loading of the levels. It seems to work good so far. Without seeing your code I’m having trouble understanding your exact problem.

Thank you for your answer, but I found the problem by myself, and it was because in my level I used spawn actor and I didn’t know all the stuff about owning.
So I could not know exactly what code to screenshot.