Unknow return request. Don't know what to do

In this video I been watching to add a inventory system, Part 6. I completed a Function call RefreshSlot. For some reason this in the video doesn’t say I need a return value, How ever I’m getting an error on my project that a value must be returned. The 1st screen shot is from the video.

The next screen shot is from my project.

Does anyone know why it doesn’t need a return value in the video. It’s asking for a value in my project. I don’t have any idea what to return.

The error says that a bound function is not found. Check the designer panel for a variable called “ItemQty” (should be a text) and make sure the bonded function is valid.
I’m pretty sure you deleted the function at some point and that’s why it can’t find it anymore.

Thank you I fount the issue and fixed the error. The only issue that I still can’t get the Inventory to display in game. I checked and doubled checked and Can’t find anything wrong. Have any ideas.