University Final Year Project - Lighting in Unreal

Hello all,

I am researching into lighting for my FYP at university.

I am trying to find out in Unreal what lighting models are used, I understand that it uses a deferred rendering system and inside the materials i see the options for PBR. But as far as the shading models such as Blinn-Phong etc are they used?

Thank you

Phong is not used any longer. The main lighting terms could be broken down into Lambert for the diffuse and GGX for the specular. They are terms that make up the overall lighting function which is derived from the Cook-Torrance microfacet specular shading model. more info can be found from Brian Karis’ talk from siggraph:

Don’t be intimidated by the complex looking math. Much of it simplifies down to “we blur cubemaps by just the right amount, store that in mips, then look up those mips for cheap roughness approximations”.