UnityChanLIVE - UE4 ver-

I have finished transporting of “Unity Chan Live” from Unity.

Unity chan

Unity Chan Live

I tried to copy Camera work of official video. It is so hard :frowning:

YouTube (this project)

UnityChan LIVE -UE4 ver-_06.png

UnityChan LIVE -UE4 ver-_07.png

UnityChan LIVE -UE4 ver-_08.png

UnityChan LIVE -UE4 ver-_09.png

If you are interested in my project, I uploaded it on github.

(maybe can play VR Mode)

In Addition,

I have finished Optimisation for Android (Galaxy S6 Edge, Android 7.0)

In my policy

  • Same Quality for PC edition (As soon as Possible)
  • no Change “Unity chan’s” Materials (for same look)
  • Only Use UnrealEngine 4 ( not use DCC tools for reduction, split meshes etc…)

Then maybe can play about 60fps on Moblie.

Android branch

I think this project will become tutorial for optimazation for android.

By the way, I can not reproduct “Springbone.cs” that is using physics simuration on Unity. So, I tried to record all bone transform infomation and export it, however can not do it.

If you have any ideas, Please tell me!!