Unity6 to UE4 user, need little help

Hello there, community.
I’ve been using Unity for years now and I want to convert to Unrealism :stuck_out_tongue:
Reasons are *mainly *2:

  1. Developing with Unity has become a nuisance as the bugs accumulate like endless hordes storming from afore.
  2. A good engine knows a good language. C# doesn’t compare to C++ as you don’t compare a frigate to a battleship.
    So no graphics reason among the main 2. The famous graphics advantage is an extra bless for me.

That said I’d appreciate a little information so to get some general bearings:
A. Can I make a game of just content and one big Blueprint/C++ code? Not that I would actually do that but I have to know some boundaries.
B. Is the Game Mode bp necessary in a game? Can I make my conditions scattered in other bp’s?
C. Is it possible to write shaders in CG/GLSL instead of the visual way? I’m not sure visual shading is 100% as fast as scripted… is it?

Well, you are doing well, welcome! :stuck_out_tongue:

A. Yes, you can build a complete game just in blueprints or either just C++, which is awesome!
B. Not really, I am the one to tent to use a tool in abstract ways, so you can implement your own stuff, as you wish and need!, you have open source, you can go crazy! (before go crazy give it a shot)
C. not GLSL directly: this is just my opinion but I consider implement a new shader a bit annoying, but here the doc: , so the last point is kind of possible

A. In basic circumstances yes is the answer, but follow the 2 links here.

B. Be careful, GameMode is there to structure things, not tie your hands.
So ask yourself, is there a team, who will maintain all this code later on?

C. There’s posts about this, search using Shader keywords to see more…

Thank you very much guys. I have to admit I’m getting pretty excited about Unreal more and more. In one of those links it’s stated that the C++ in Unreal is managed (has Garbage Collector) and this alone blows my mind! It’s bad that this important fact doesn’t transpire to the non-Unreal public! What else would one want more from a language? Getting the best from both C# and C++ is even better than pure C++, when compared to C# (Unity vs Unreal).

As someone who was heavily into Unity5 and moved to Unreal, here’s my findings:

A. You can do full C++ (which is what im doing) and then add blueprints onto your C++ classes for ease of use (think of them like prefabs).
B. I’m not using GameMode, PlayerController, or any of the default unreal classes and my game is going excellent so far. So no, not needed at all.
C. I’ve looked around and yes the visual material editor is extremely efficient. When you change a material, unreal re-compiles a ton of shaders so they all work together with max efficiency. (There’s a reason the engine looks as good as it does).

The main reason I stayed with unreal is the blueprint system. It’s like prefabs where you can combine a group of objects and classes into a single reusable entity (like an Enemy). But blueprints is 1000x more advanced in every way!

Thanks Juice-Tin!
Since Oct. 6 I’ve been digging through documentation and YT tutorials and I have to admit UE4 is intimidating for how complex and hard it is compared to Unity but at the same time I’m awed for the level of freedom, depth (and hopefully performance) you get with UE. I can even say they’re from whole different leagues.

About the Gameplay Framework - I prefer not to use it as it traces too specific (for me) paths and I like to create the structure of the game myself. I only hope there wouldn’t be a problem with networking or anything else - I don’t know how “embedded” / how much the rest of the API assumes GF.
In this context I don’t mean any disrespect at all when mentioning “FPS creator” as they don’t compare with one another but it’s more about the overall mood I’m getting.

Moreover I prefer to make the games/apps from scratch instead of using game templates as I’ve seen people starting from a template and deleting most of the stuff in the structure of the game and deleting some more down the road as they realize that stuff is not needed. I’m not used to this kind of “subtractively” building a game.