Unity Dragonstrike effect

HI, i was checking a video about recreating an effect from Overwatch, it was made in unity and i thought it looked very cool, i trid to replicate it in unreal but the world position deformation part doesn’t give me the same results, any tips?

link to the video: Overwatch's Dragonstrike | Mix and Jam - YouTube

i tried masking different channels and using different position nodes, but i still can’t get the same effect

Just a random FYI, Overwatch does not run on Unity.

It looks like you’re using Object Position to get coordinates, but I’m not sure that’s what you actually want?

i know, overwatch probaly uses a in-house engine, what i meant is that the effect was recreated in unity

i’m using object position since that was used in the video, but it doens’t seem to work the same, it displaces the mesh very far away and doesn’t create that wobble effect

Object Position is the literal position of the object - so if the actor is at the origin, then the vector will return 0,0,0.

I think you probably want something like the the vertex or pixel coordinates instead.

There’s some documentation regarding available coordinate nodes here:

yeah i’m trying to to figure out difference of the object position node in unity and unreal, the problem lies in that node, since the result is drastically different from the video