Unique Weapon Attacks / Weapon Actors

As a primer I’ve only used ue4 for about a week now, so if you can explain or use photos I will appreciate it!

Currently: My weapons have a basic attack and heavy attack, depending on the equipped weapon that attack changes. Cool.

The problem: This is being done by using multiple integer arrays and float arrays, so every time I add a weapon I have to update the 8-10 of them. Its pretty easy to lose track of them all. Is this an optimal way of handling this or is there a better feature to be using instead (which I am pretty sure there is but can’t find)?

The second problem: I’ve heard whispers of weapon actors and can’t seem to find information on them. It seems to be a way to store weapon data? Currently my attacks are stored in the player controller but would it be better to store it inside a weapon actor instead?