Unique Game Idea, Hiring All Positions

I am inventing a 3D Sandbox game and looking for non-specific positions to assist in said development.

The object of the game was to start in a natural environment, use your bare hands along with logic, physics, trig, and any other scientific law or mathematical operation that applies to your project.
The point is, you’re either going to be building, or innovating. This is not like Minecraft.

  1. It’s not a block engine.

  2. It’s 1 world powered by huge Dedicated Servers

  3. It’s not a block engine, we want our graphics to be photo realistic.

When you’re building a model, you’re actually building a model. It requires steady, focused handling during said procedure. You’re going to have to use some type of material to “tie” your objects together.

The game consists of a virtual online Marketplace which users can buy and sell items from, because the game is only as advanced as its users make it.

We recommend getting a team together if you lack in marketing skills, yet thrive in others regarding the game.

Example on innovation/invention within the game:

  1. Game is just opened to the public and not much is there to work with -> User constructs a basic engine out of wood and copper wire and sells it on the market at a significantly high price.
    a. Someone buys the users engine and uses it to generate electricity for basic “house” appliances (Realize that houses aren’t really that advanced at this point in time)
    b. Someone buys the users engine and uses it as basis for a whole new and powerful steam engine (example) and puts his on the market at a significantly high price.
    • a. Someone buys that steam engine and invents the games first steam train (or something else).
      c. Someone buys the users engine and improves it’s back-end infrastructure so it requires less whatever (example).

This is an example of invention and innovation within the game… But here’s where stock brokers come in.
You earn a decent amount of selling your product off the market, you’re going to want to start a company. So you got your team of scientist/engineers, but they aren’t really useful when it comes to playing the market stocks.
You’d basically be playing the lottery with them… so you hire a Stock Broker/Businessman to manage your investments, stocks etc.

My partner comes and says to me, “Hey, why not instead of limiting this game’s user base by only letting users be engineers and stock brokers… why not expand the optional gameplay (because everything you do in this game is your choice entirely) by adding more corporations”

Update 2:
The game is now focused on targeting more than just a “tech savvy” player base.
We’ve included a variety of new corporations/jobs for you to choose from.

Notice: You’re not limited to 1 corporation. Yet it would be advised not to try to be President and Senator at the same time. (example)

We’ve included advanced branches of government, regular jobs, jobs we’ve thought of in Update 1.

The game is basically 3D reality, it requires players with a unique understanding and view point, or desire… allowing them to achieve this goal in any steps necessary.

Now that being said, players have their opinion and you may be seen as a criminal by law enforcement, or see law enforcement as a criminal, opinions vary.

What will be your goal? Being rich and living the good life? Or serving the ones that do…?

Code Architecture:
Well obviously the game is using unreal engine 4, yet only the client-side for graphics rendering etc etc.

We’re developing our own networking server which runs on our Dedicated Server(s) which will be written in Java, or C#/C++ (still deciding)
If we get as big as planned then we will invest time into rewriting the client-side application in Java therefore “ditching” unreal.

But for now, we use unreal engine for the client-side application.

Server Specifications:
Notice: This is for each individual server, not for the overall total.
RAM: 32gb
Threads: 16 threads per core (2 cores 32 threads)
Processors: 2 8 core i7 processors
Processor Speed: 3.36ghz
Uplink: 1gbps

More specifications later, there will be more (Dedibox) servers purchased after the game succeeds a certain user average.

Positions Available:
At the moment we’re mainly looking for 3D Modelers, 3D/2D Artist, UI Designers, and Programmers if you meet the required standards (long list)

  • Dominicus (Server-Side Developer)
  • Gerard (Server-Side Developer)
  • JadenMoonshine (Server/Client-Side Developer, Web Developer, and UI Designer)
  • Vacant (UI Designer)
  • Vacant (Graphics Designer)
  • Vacant (3D Modeler)
  • Vacant (2D/3D Artist)
  • Vacant (Unlisted)

Hope to get constructive feedback whether positive or negative.
Shout me a P.M or Skype if you’re interested.

Skype: m0de.null

You might want to consider whether that type of game is actually fun or if it might be too complicated/technical for people to enjoy. For example, there was that Kickstarter game that was doing realistic sword combat and after they made it they realized it just wasn’t a fun game.

I will say it’s good you already have people for some of the really complicated server stuff

Most time pictures get more attention then written text.
It seems that most users could not read here in the ue4 forums…
taking cover

With those medieval zombies?

Cool, that means you have a lot of money then.

If you have so much money to invest in all that hardware, you can pay people a salary for their work as well;
I can’t see why this must be royalty based offer. A *'1 world powered by **huge *Dedicated Servers’ structure can easily cost way over 10~30 million dollars.

When the post is edited to offer the salary such a server farm would imply is available… maybe they will also list

these requirements.