unintentional camera shivering while moving character on a circle arc.

Ok i have build a blueprint which let the player move automatically in a circle if he gets into a triggervolume so that he still can look around and shoot but has no controll over his feet-movement anymore.
Like he would sit in a rollercoaster or carousel. It works, the player starts moving in a perfect cicle(with the radius of his actual position to the global middle) if you walk him in the trigger volume but it has very ugly camera shivering-the viewport is constantly shivering around while the player is moving on the circle.

Here is a screenshot of my blueprint:

I have used the trigonometric circlefunctions :

x/radius = sin a -> x = radius*sin a -> arcsin (x/radius) = a
y/radius = cos a -> …

-If you reach the triggervolume it sets the “overlaptrue” boolean to true which sets the branch to true and the eventtick can drive the timeline which sets than constantly the new position.
-The new position is calculated through getting your actual position on the hypotetical circle you are on at the moment reaching the trigger (which is devined through your radius (vectorlength of x,y-vector)and current
angel a ( arcsin (x/radius) = a)) ) and adding those data to the timeline so that you dont teleport to another angel after triggering the box and start your circlemovement from your current position. The modulo (%) is just for making sure that the angel of the rotation does not get higher than 360 degree after you add your current angle :wink: But i have also tried it without adding my actual position and the circlemovement is still shivering so , the modulo is not the problem which means also that ASIN and ACOS are not the problem.

I think the problem is not the blueprint. Is unreal engine 4 blueprints known for camera glitching problems while giving the character movement ??