Unexpected seams between symmetrical assets


I’ve got some problems with an asset. When I duplicate and mirror it, an unexpected seams appears. Moreover the impact of lighting is changing.
Any idea on what’s going wrong ?



Neither side looks correct to me–might be lightmapping issues.

Did you build lighting with only one side in the world, then duplicate it? Kinda looks like the left side has a lightmap and the right side is movable/preview lighting.

I think is because when you mirror a mesh, the normal map is flipped, you have to make a new material and flip the normal map (don’t remember what channels you have to invert). Fast test, apply a new material with only diffuse colour to check if this is the problem.

Seems like problem with normal map. How exactly you mirrored this model? When I mirror object in UE4 with negative scaling my normal map still works correctly

My guess is bad normal mapping on at least one side of the door.