Uneven light in archviz

I am new to UE4 and I am modeling my apartment for learning purposes. I can’t get to the key to delete some artifacts like these, it would be great if someone could give me some advice as I think I am hitting a wall here.

-The ac and some pieces of furniture next to walls generate light instead of shadows.
-Most corners get uneven shadows and lights
-When I have some geometries next to each other with the same materials they have different shades of gray instead of having an even gradation along them.
-I attached my world settings too.

Thanks in advance, I hope you guys can give me a hand.

Thanks a lot everyone for your replies.

All my walls have volumes, I modelled them like that in 3ds Max

I will try thet next time I bould my lights

OK, so next time i build I will go with 0,1 static light level scale and 0.6 Indiret light smoothness. However I fear this will take too long, as with 0.75 scale it took around 2 days to build (in production quality).

I am still betting pretty strong light in the walls from some pieces of furniture near them, any ideas why this could be?