Underwater Effect

I’m looking for some sort of way to check and see if the player’s camera is inside of the post processing volumes bounds, along with a trigger volume so that I can create an underwater effect.

Thanks <3

Hey TSpartanT,

You can do that in the Level Blueprint pretty easily. Select the object you want to check to see if the player is in, then in the Level Blueprint, right-click and make a “Event On Actor Begin Overlap” node.

When the player is “overlapping” with the volume, then they are within it. Based on that, you can set on or off the “underwater” effects that you have made.

Let me know if that helps.

Thanks! I know how to do this, but I’m looking to specifically activate the effects when the CAMERA itself has entered the volume.

The way you provided is how I already set it up, but it will have the “Underwater” effects even when the player is above the water. Since it’s triggering it on overlap, and technically the actors mesh is overlapping.

I haven’t tested it with a camera, but i’m assuming that when the players feet touches the water, the camera will get effects.

Maybe I’m thinking too hard?

You could use the same technique, but with components instead of actors. Make a Blueprint that will be your “water blueprint” and add a Box Component to it. The Box Component can be used as a trigger volume, but if you do an “On Component Begin Overlap” that will let you get the exact component that is overlapping. Use that to check if the camera is overlapping. Let me know if that helped.