Understanding the Session Frontend profiler and AddSkeletalMeshComponent

I’m new to the profiler, but I’m trying to reduce the cost of modular NPCs in my game which is heavier on the CPU than I would have expected.

Specifically, there are a lot of entries for AddSkeletalMeshComponent, and I’m confused about why they appear every frame, as all the modular parts are added on spawn in, in the construction script.

If I’m interpreting the profiler correctly, it’s telling me that modular hands were added on that frame and it took around half a millisecond? (Along with all the other modular parts) But these entries appear to be in every frame, despite by this point every NPC has been spawned with their modular parts.

If anyone has any advice for how to optimize this better, or if I’m understanding this profiler wrong, I’d appreciate it very much!