Understanding how physical materials work


physical materials again… So I found out that if a static mesh has multiple materials with different physical materials I can only get the correct material when component A (e.g. a projectile) hits component B (e.g. a wall) if I check “Trace Complex on Move” of component A.

  1. I only get the physical material of component B (the wall). I believe this is because component A makes complex line traces toward component B and those don’t contain the physical material of component A. Is that right? Or is the physical material of component A somewhere?

  2. If not, I would have to make a complex line trace by my own in OnComponentHit of component B (the wall) to get the physical material of the component A (the projectile) where it hit component B. Right?

  3. Wouldn’t it be more performant to disable “Trace complex on Move” and when there is a hit, make 2 line traces in both directions to get the right physical materials?

  4. Physical Material Masks only work with Chaos, right?