understanding blending between ragdoll and animation

Hello everyone. I have had alot of trouble understanding how to have a ragdoll transition into an animation. For example, lets say a ragdoll falls on the ground. Then it uses a get back up animation to get up again and do whatever. I’ve looked at the unreal training videos and at alot of the videos on youtube, but they usually skip quickly over things that for me would need alot more explanation. Can someone describe the process in a more simple layman system of what is being done and why? Any info would be good, I’ve just been frustrated with the enormous amount of setup that goes into it (like doing alot of things with the capsule when the mesh falls out), and using Finterp and other things. I have the Ue4 project from the lesson they gave, but myGod I just get lost so much and perhaps have reached the maximum capacity for my intelligence! If anyone can do a for dummies description or video or something like that, that would be great. Thanks!

Thanks for the link Raildex! I was looking for documentation on the PoseSnapshot when it was highlighted as a feature but I could not find it. Thank you for finding for me!

Hey Raildex and all, I read the link for the documentation on PoseSnapshot, and it gives some good tid bits. But its hard to figure out how to put it all together, at least for me. At the end, it says watch the video for more info. But that video was just too overwhelming for me, it is long and it does so many things, along with the Tutor, going on tangents and his friend also. But the bottom line is that I guess I need a written tutorial with explanations because otherwise a project I started has to be abandoned until I can understand how this all works.

Sorry one last thing, can someone briefly describe how to give this blending method to the enemy? How would we create it, by duplicating the main 3rd person, or another way. Thanks There’s the download link to the actual project from the pose snapshot Live Training, might be easier to figure out like this… :slight_smile:

Hey TheNoontide, thanks for the link. I went through the video and I still foiund it difficult to follow himj. I know he knows the material well and it is second nature for him. If there were a few demo’s, maybe on the smaller scale for step by step teaching that would be good. I just found the amount of info overwhelming. I posted hear to see if anyone else is also having trouble following or others who can teach or refer to good pages. Thanks for reading those, and I hope there those out there that will help!