Underscore Removal

So, underscores “_” in your asset names seem to prevent the cooker from compiling the game. This is a bug, only sometimes. It is hard to duplicate, but we have done it several times now. Right now, we have many MANY assets with underscores. There is no good method of removing these within the Unreal Editor. Can we remove those underscores while within the content folder, or will that break references?

Are you certain there is a bug regarding underscores in asset names? All the content Epic made available has underscores all over the place. And I’d guess they do cook their stuff once in while.

That’s where it gets strange. It seems to be only certain circumstances that trigger it, and we’re not 100% sure what those are. We do know however, in both our main project, and in our Game Jam project, that it refused to cook until we removed underscores from the folder names for assets.

Reporting In:

You can NOT rename the asset folders outside of the game engine. This is going to be a LONG night.

Maps and map folders can not have an underscore.