Underground Interior Lighting

Hi, couldn’t find any similar topics on this, but I’m designing a level for my project and I’m having trouble lighting the environment.

It’s an underground medieval dungeon, so the only lights in the level are coming from wall torches or hanging chandeliers. These are all currently set to static to improve performance,
however by doing this there are no shadows on my character or the enemies within the level. I would set some of the lights to stationary in order to provide the scene with dynamic shadows
however the shadows look out of place due to some of the light sources not providing dynamic shadows. I would just reduce the number of light sources and increase the intensity of the
remaining ones however this causes an unrealistic level of lighting for an underground scene. Does anyone know of a workaround?

Thanks in advance.

Are you baking lighting? You can use capsule shadows to get soft indirect shadows where there isn’t any intense light sources.

In interior scenes really need baked lighting to look their best.

In video games typically there’s only a few shadow casting lights effecting a character at one time for performance reasons, and most of the time, the player never notices, if it’s done well.

Thanks, I’ll try using capsule shadows, and I’ll just have to play around with the settings after reducing the number of light sources.