Unclock camera to orbit around character on button


I am trying to make camera orbit character on button. Currently character rotates with camera, but I want to unlock camera and orbit around character.
I am using this BP

However, it’s working, but camera jumps/rotates (probably rotation 0,0,0) when I press button to orbit. Basically I want camera to keep rotation when I press button to orbit camera, so I can smoothly keep orbiting around character, without first “rotation jump”.

It seems to work fine on my computer. The character movement might need some adjustment to make it a little more user friendly, but I didn’t notice any jumps or random rotations. The only things that I did differently are:

  1. I didn’t use a FlipFlop node.

  2. My Turn Node is pinned to the yaw, and my LookUp is pinned to the pitch, on the False path.

  1. It’s the same. Turn is pinned to the yaw and Look to the pitch.

Is your camera follow character rotation without orbiting? I mean, when you want to orbit your camera is probably reseted to 0,0,0 and than it starts orbiting.
Where do you set offset so camera continue to orbit without reseting? Maybe you already have “unlocked” camera from character rotation.

You’re right. I guess it just seemed odd to me because my yaw and pitch input nodes are hooked up to the opposite False node. However, I was thinking about it last night, but never got around to messing with it. A clamp might help for the pitch. I noticed that when the camera is directly above the character, it freaks out for a second, and then rotates too far. The yaw seems to work correctly though.

I see what you’re saying now as well, I didn’t understand the first time. It does reset the camera, and I can’t think off the top of my head how to fix it, but maybe spawning a camera as a blueprint class would work; just spawn it at the character’s follow camera. I’ll check it out some more today, and if nobody else has a fix for you, then I’ll let you know if I came up with anything.