Unable to teleport. UE4 version 4.14

Hi! I am having problems teleporting in my project. I am using 4.14’s VR template, I have a NavMeshBounds Volume placed and it is reading my areas correctly, but when I play the game it will not allow me to teleport anywhere where the navmesh is. I have read a similar thread with a user that was experiencing a similar problem, but no solutions there. I checked my navigation settings and those seem to be fairly standard. I was able to teleport before, then I switched some geo around and now I am having this problem. Materials are the same, and for the most part everything is the same way I had it before, I am not sure what could be affecting my navigation and teleportation. Any help will be very much appreciated. Thank you!!!

I’ve seen this when trying to teleport onto heirarchal instanced static meshes. They will show the marker like you can teleport there but it won’t teleport you.

I tried editing the navmesh, making it cover a higher area, it works on a BSP box so i can teleport up on that now, but not on my static mesh from maya. I’m sure i have missed something that i need to do to set up the static mesh properly. I used an auto convex collision on the piece of stairs. Is there something else i need to do to it to get it running? This is my first time importing my own static mesh and applying collisions and so on so that’s why i don’t really know anything about it.