Unable to reproduce Sjoerd de Jongh's Results

Good day. I have watched Sjoerd de Jongh’s presentation of ray-tracing in UE4 (, and eager to test it out, I enabled ray-tracing for my project, added a basic scene with just a floor plane, a box static mesh, and a single light, enabled ray-tracing for the light - and the shadows do not change at all when I enable or disable ray-tracing. Fiddling with Source Radius of the light, has no effect on the ‘softness’ of the shadow at all, and so it does not match what is seen in Sjoerd’s demo at all.

I have an RTX 2060, latest drivers installed, and I am trying this in the released UE4 4.22.

An I doing something wrong? Is there a setting that changed since the video was recorded?