Unable to possess my pawns in splitscreen multiplayer

Hey guys and girls. So I’ve made a splitscreen multiplayer game. I have added and spawned the number of players i want (up to 4). I have 4 player characters and 4 player controllers.

I can spawn the player characters but the Player Controllers aren’t possessing them. I’ve tried to use “Auto Possess Pawn” with the corresponding player and player controller ID’s in both Char and controller.

I have plugged in xbox remotes to test as well and apart from player 0 the screens are all black meaning the other player controllers aren’t possessing the characters!

My Game Mode class has the correct Player Controller and Pawn class set to it. Player 0 is fine, it’s player 1, 2 and 3 that aren’t.

Game Mode
The game mode has an INT variable that responds to the main menu and tells the game how many players are playing. It then starts creating the splitscreen game and spawning the player.

If you look at the screenshot below you will see that the player has spawned (Player 1 is red) but their screen is black AND my controller cannot move the character at all.

This is EXACTLY the same with the other Characters that are spawned. This issue is most likely easily fixed but it is driving me up the wall at the moment.

wild guess:

  • “find player start returns some (random) player start”
  • you check if it has the tag “Player 1”, which it does not necessarily have → output is FALSE
  • you input FALSE into create player

Did you check if the output of create player is valid (IsValid node)?

Why do you link both getplayercontroller and the output of create player into the “possess”?

So to get the character you want spawned, Get Game Mode, cast to your game mode and then SET Default Pawn as the Character of your choice. Then you need to link that to Create Player and give it the controller ID of your choosing.