Unable to log in, no emails sent - new account just for this post :(


I am unable to log in through the epic launcher, and unfortunately the system does not send me any emails either for a confirmation code when signing in through the website, or for a password reset when for some reason the launcher doesn’t want to accept my password.

More frustrating though is the lack of a way to contact Epic about this issue. Email technical support sends back a stock answer which tells me the solution to not being able to reset my password is to reset my password.

So I’m not sure what to do at this point. I cannot log in to the launcher, cannot reset my password or enter a confirmation code (as I am not receiving emails for the system), and don’t seem to be able to talk to an real human about this. I have looked to see if there’s a problem with the system today, but I don’t see any issues reported.

Please help!

Same problem here!! Accountname changed, no way to enter again. Not possible to verify mailaddress noted in new account linked to PS4…
No contact / communication with Epic whatsoever. Tried to call, mail via help@ plus support form etc.
Really afraid I lost all my progression in Fortnite.

HELP and contact us EPIC GAMES.