Unable to install Unreal Engine from Epic Launcher


I’m on a MacBook Pro M1 Max. I downloaded the Epic Games launcher and I’m trying to install Unreal Engine but the installation button is gray out and I can’t do nothing.

I already tried to uninstall it and install it again but it did not fix the issue.

Schermata 2021-12-03 alle 09.55.49

Hey Danielx95,

So sorry you’re having this issue, I’ve found a few websites that could help.
-Here’s a link to installing Unreal Engine.
-And here’s a link to the specs you need to run UE.

Make sure you’ve created an account, relaunched the epic launcher, and possibly restarted your pc and see if that’s fixed your issue. If you continue to have issues please feel free to continue this thread! :smiley:

Maybe it is your internet? :thinking: When I tried on Wi-Fi, it was like that. Using an ethernet cable helped.