Unable To Get Videos to Work in 4.13

Hi there,
I’m new to game design and am currently working on a practice project to familiarize with Unreal and learn some basics before I get deep into the main projects I have planned for the future. I created a custom animation in Photoshop CC that I’m wanting to use as my Main Menu Background and I’ve watched several videos on how to get it set up properly in Unreal but I’m having difficulties getting it to work. I created the Movies folder in the Content folder, drag-and-dropped my .mp4 video file (the codecs are H.264, AAC just like the sample video provided on the Unreal site which I also tried and ran into the same issue) into the Movies folder and followed the steps provided at but what ends up happening is as soon as I save and close the Media Player window, my video disappears from the Video Texture, disabling me from being able to create the material I need to set up my video in the Main Menu widget/blueprint. When I reopen the Media Player, I double click my video file again, it shows up AGAIN in the video texture, I save and try to proceed but the minute I either minimize or close the media player window, I lose the video in the texture again. Has anyone else had this issue? If so, were you able to figure out what was creating the problem? If not, does anyone have any suggestions that may help?
I’ve read that .wmv videos are the best option for Unreal but since I’m designing my game on Mac, I simply can’t use .wmv (I even converted the .mp4 to .wmv and went through all the steps again in hopes that it may somehow work in Unreal with no success). From my understanding, .mp4 should work in 4.13
One last thing, I’m creating a Paper 2D game…not sure if that has anything to do with the problem I’m facing but in most of the tutorials I’ve watched, people generally make their Main Menus in the First or Third Person templates.
If anyone can help me out, I’d greatly appreciate!!! Thanks