Unable to generate HLODs for any sublevel

I’ve been trying to give HLODs a spin today to reduce the sheer mass of draw calls in my level, but it’s pretty much non-functional for any of the sub-levels and only gives me an error message that HLOD generation needs to be activated for each level. I made sure it’s checked for every single level, but the message still comes up and the generation only ends up including anything in the persistent level.

From what I’ve been reading in other topics, each sublevel is supposed to have its own world settings, but when I make a world settings related change with one sublevel set as current, it changes it for all the other sublevels as well. I made sure to double-click each sublevel to set it as active before activating HLODs in the world settings, but it comes out with the same error message.

Using UE version 4.26.1