Unable to edit weapon blueprint

Hello all,

Before I start, just letting you know I have searched for this, but only found results dealing with the obsolete variant of this tutorial.

I’m trying to do the old scenario of replacing the default white arms that come with the FPS demo with my own arms + hands.

So far I have boned and rigged my arms + weapon up, however I can not replace the arms. I cannot change anything in the details list because it is greyed out and tells me to edit the mesh via the blueprint.


However, in the blueprint editor, I cannot find a single reference to the mesh.


Could someone please point me in the right direction? I’m only finding obsolete threads/tutorials dealing with the old tutorial that had the blue shotgun in it.

Click on “window” - enable the “viewport” - in the viewport click on the mesh (left side of the screen - component tab) - on the right side of the screen you have to add your own mesh + anim bp :slight_smile:

Thank you very kindly! I wish people who built tutorials would cover that vital step as it is turned off by default, figured everything else out after this. Thanks again!