Unable to create C++ project, Windows 10 SDK

Installed the 4.10 preview 2, using VS 2015 and the Windows 10 SDK (on Windows 10), and got the error message stating that I must be running Windows SDK 8.1.

Trying to determine a solution to this that doesnt require me installing an older SDK, rather than the current SDK from MS. (Similar to not wanting to cycle down to VS 2013, when I use VS2015 Enterprise) Or is this just a persistent issue for now?

Hello ,

There have been multiple reports of the past few weeks of people having problems across the board using 2015 and the Windows 10 SDK in tandem. Could you try creating and compiling a basic C++ project outside of UE4 to see if you receive any problems? If you don’t have any issues there, we’ll know that this problem is particular to UE4 and we can continue. I would like to try to narrow it down first.

I made a simple ‘hello world’ and that compiled for me. Then I went back in and decided to check again with the preview and was able to open the VS solution. I dont know if it was just an isolated issue, but I can’t reproduce it now. Either way, i’ll keep checking as the preview develops in the cycle and see if it shows up for me again.

Hopefully it’ll stay fixed. I converted your comment into an answer and will leave this as resolved for tracking purposes in the meantime. Leaving a comment will reopen it for further investigation if needed.