Un-doing an particles module engine modification

Hi all,
I’ve inherited a project where a new Particles module (based upon UParticleModuleAttractorBase) has been added into the engine source code.
Thus, if the symbol doesn’t exist then when Unreal attempts to use the asset (import / right click on asset) then the editor will crash during PostLoad.

From my quick tests, re-adding the the symbol with the name in the engine source code removes the crash. I presume the particles module loading is somehow associated with the symbol name within the library? As if I try to add the symbol within the game code, then it doesn’t find the module.

Ideally I’d like to migrate this module to game code, which I see a rough process:

  1. Re-introduce the engine modification into the source and run a bespoke engine.
  2. Introduce a new target symbol in game code with a different symbol name.
  3. Migrate all particles to use the new symbol name.

For step 3, is it something as simple as ActiveClassRedirects or does something more complex need to be undertaken?


Use a redirect to a base engine class, that should do the trick.

I didn’t actually expect this to work so easily, hence posting. But it really did replace that core class with something local. Excellent!
No more crashing :slight_smile: