Umm How do I remove my widget from the Game Hud?

I hit the R key to bring up my Equipment Widget. It then pops up on the screen. But For Some Reason when i hit R again, the widget won’t dissapear
even though I have got remove to parent connected.

how do I remove it?

Okay, Do it like this.

Obviously replace the WID_Interface reference i have in the “Create WID Interface Widget” with your own.

This will create the widget so that it can be toggled on or off.

Keep in mind that with this set up when you press R down it will become visible and when you take your finger off again it will disappear. I don’t know your project but i suspect you need something more like this. which will make it appear when you press the R button once and disappear the second time you press it.

You could also promote the Return value of the Create Widget node to a variable, that would allow the Event Graph to be a bit more organized if you need Event Begin play and “Press R” to be further apart.

Ah the set visability node, of course Thanks for your help.