UMG Widgets out of focus


I’m lately having problems with the focus on my UMG widgets when running my program in standalone mode or the build package. When I start the program the focus is the to the 3D environment but overlayed UMG widgets aren’t clickable furthermore the mouse is locked to the 3D application window. I can only get out of the window by clicking the “windows” button to open the windows start menu. It further gives me back the focus on my UMG widgets which are then working as expected as long as I don’t click into empty space of the 3D environment.
I’ve updated to UE4.14 but have older builds on UE4.10/UE4.11 which are working as expected.



I think this is a problem with the input mode and mouse locking. The input mode should be “Game and UI” otherwise it will always lock the mouse to the scene, what is the expected behaviour. I always switch between the input modes if I show an UI or not.

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Hey thanks for the reply but as it was working on previous UE versions it seems to me like a bug… so i’ve update to version 4.14.1 and it works as expected again… looking through the fixes provided with review 1 it indeed looks like a bug in the software:

Fixed! UE-37698 Widgets can no longer take focus after clicking somewhere other than the widget itself

Ok thank you for the info :slight_smile:

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