UMG - white box with material collections

Anybody has idea why i am getting white box instead of transparent image of my instanced material when I use material collection?
Or maybe there is way to change instanced material parameters without collections in UMG? But working collection with UMG would be best.

I can do screenshots in few hours.

With screenshots it can be better :slight_smile:

Working on it, just dropped last whole version, this time things are much less messy, and easier on poor android thingy. If i get same error again i will post them.

Edit, got error again, this time opacity is zero ie invisible image.

Green image on left is old fashioned parameter in instanced material. Right one “empty box” is same material with collection parameters. Settings on right are exactly same, i copied left one widget and changed material only.


Parameter version of material


Collection version, you can see they are same and properly displayed in preview, same works also for instanced versions in preview.


values in collection.



Folks, anybody can replicate this? I would like to know if its me or UGM “feature” before reporting it as bug.