UMG talking to Level Blueprint over Dispatcher

Hey guys,

i´m working now a while on a VR Project. What i´m trying to is, to create a menu in which i´m able to start animation´s over the level blueprint. My probleme here is, i can´t communicate from the widget blueprint to the level blueprint.

I thought, maybe its because i don´t spawn the widget itself, i´m using an Actor in which the Widget is. Honestly i dont really know why it´s not working.

Level blueprint:

Widget Blueprint: My Widget is Called “VRMenu” - My Actor is called “VRMenuAktor” and my Dispatcher is called “DispatcherVRMenu1”

Spawn Actor (i saw, most people add the “Bind Event to Dispatcher” after the Widget creaton, so i tried something like that too)

If you need to have more informations, just ask.

Sorry for my bad english^^

Greets Gisch

Check if VRMenu pointer IsValid, then check if it has correct class.
Problems with communication are usually because of bad pointers.

i tried to figure out what you exactly mean, but i dont really understand.
i think i know what a pointer is doing, but is he somewhere in my
widget or do i need to make a node?^^ how can i check him?

Did your VRmenu exist before the level begin play?

If it didnt exist, it probably couldnt be binded when it is not “there”.

What you probably want is to spawn the VRMenu at begin play, have it binded then toggle it by its visibility when you do flipflop.

Thanks for the answer. I tested it but it doesent work. But i think this is the right way.
I think my pointer doesent work right at all. I´m pretty sure, i´m not
even able to talk from the Widget to an random Actor.
Doese anyone know how i can fix my pointer? Maybe assign a ID or
something to the Widget/Actor if it gots created and then point
at it with the dispatcher???

Hey, i´v got a solution!
I think it really was a thing with the pointer.
I had to add the “get all widgets of class” node so
he can find the widget.

thanks for the help
Greets Gisch