UMG Spawn Menu using structs to organize spawnable objects?

Okay, in my game I have an openable spawn menu which opens is supposed to allow the player to spawn in Objects (Blueprint actors) that are listed in the menu. But I have not found a way to get the menu working!

I have thought about using structs to help organize the objects info and use them in the blueprint actors so when the game detects an actor with the struct to add a button to a tile based list in the menu and possibly even keep them in different categories. I thought this would be a good idea as it could make user generated objects easier to make and add to the spawn menu, instead of manually adding in the objects buttons and categories as I thought that would make the spawn menu hard to use during modding. but I have very little knowledge on structs as I’ve only really used them once a really long time ago, and if it would even be useful to use in order to make a spawn menu.

If it is possible to create a spawn menu using structs then how should I go about it? would it make modding and adding custom objects to the spawn menu harder or easier?
Is there another more efficient way to create a spawn menu of this type, but still allowing easy user modding, that won’t conflict with other peoples custom objects?