UMG/Slate Messing other UE API aspects, 2nd time...

On UDK, everytime I needed simply get the mouse position I could simply access a playercontroller variable and do whatever I need with the result, hide or show the cursor… Simple things.

Now because Slate-UMG Locking the coordinates on Drag, the description from the method PlayerController::GetMousePosition( ) should be:

Here is a photo since screenshots doesn’t gets the OS mouse cursor:

To the mouse show/hide I got a workaround (not without mess with source), but since it’s the seccond thing I found that goes against what your own API help tells I thought that would be a nice idea tell you to pay a bit more attention on what “we invested time on learn/read”.

Trust me, I understand the importance on get a platform agnostic UI solution and you are doing great on this, but please, if you do some change/lock/whatever required to UMG/Slate or any other system, please, offer also an “easy” way to we still get the inputdata we need, is a bit difficult to make a game without full control over basic things.

It’s not exactly a bug, but I’ve reported this here: Hub Post