[UMG] Select/click using Mouse Over for N seconds

I’m making some RnD with the GearVR and I’m not using any gamepads, but instead I would like to use something similar to hotspots in order to select and navigate around a scene, and the way I want to do that is simply by look at the hotspot for 1/1.5 seconds.

I also would like to have, when the mouse is over the hotspot, the cursor to change to a circular one which is animated, basically very similar to what the GearVR behaves, meaning that the circle will “fill” at 360° based on the time the mouse over is set.

Any help is highly appreciated :slight_smile:

So you have an event for clicking, right? When you mouse over, start a timer and change the mouse to a custom widget. Mouse out, clear the timer and revert the mouse visual. If the timer finishes, fire an event that does the exact same thing that clicking does.

You’re gonna have to do some cool shader stuff if you want to do a circular fill like Oculus. It’s not too hard and there are already some pre-written for you to check out, just search for circular health bar.