UMG Scroll box - auto scroll

Hey there everyone,

Has anyone figured out how to make a scroll box auto scroll while you are dragging a widget over the bottom row of the scroll box? I don’t know if it’s possible yet but I figure it doesn’t hurt to ask. I think I can make a quick little hack to get around it but that takes time I don’t want for something that I think should be simple.

Edit: I should have looked harder, if you use the scroll offset it will jump X distance but how do I make it do it slowly rather than all at once. Additionally is there a way to figure out how far down the scroll box you are so you can speed up how fast it is scrolling? Any insight at all will be useful


could you set the x offset as a float * delta time so it moves smoothly?

and then take the mouse position / draggable widget position in relation to the screen to give you a speed? (i.e. at 1/10th of screen = 1/10th speed… at 9/10ths of screen, at 9/10th of scroll speed)

So far my issue is that when I try to get the mouse position from my controller, it doesn’t update the X/Y coordinates while on drag is being called which is making this really annoying. I noticed that there is a “get screen space position” which I thought would work but it pulls from the actual screen not the viewport so when running in windowed mode your numbers are thrown off. I’m going to give it a break for the moment and do something else to see if I can find a good way to go about accomplishing this

Hi , I had a problem trying to get the Max Scroll offset because I’m using gamepad too so when I scroll down scroll to infinite and then when I scroll up , the bar not move until my variable is equal to the max offset (or the “end” position of the scroll) so I must put some fictional “MaxScroll” (not accurate at all).

For control the speed of the scroll, instead of sum +1 each tick I sum +5, and scroll go more fast, maybe can help, I know is not the same case but I suppose for change the scroll position is the same.