UMG remove from parent


Im a little confused about the deprecated remove from viewport.
Does remove from parent not completely destroy the widget? Or does they 2 do the exact same thing?

no, not really, just add to viewport like before.

it’s got to do with parent/child relationship, I think someone thought they were being clearer when they were just confusing everyone more when they did this.
it’s actually more correct calling it remove from parent but very confusing after using remove from viewport.

if you need more clarification, I’m sure others could explain it better.

Thank you.
Basically i just replaced it. It seems to function the same as remove from viewport.

It was a bit of an annoyance having to redo so many nodes but hey… least its done and nothing else broke.

In the source code, “Remove From Viewport” just calls “Remove From Parent” now, so they do the exact same thing, no difference.

I can’t say why they chose to go with “Parent” instead of “Viewport” but if I had to guess I’d go with ayretek’s explanation.