UMG Remove from Parent stops working.

Hello. I just learned how to create basic interfaces with UMG and integrated one to my project. Actually everythings works fine until here. I’ve got 3 objects in my scene and with using traces i get which player clicked on. Every one of them has seperate UMG, and when you click one of them, first they destroy all other UMG with remove from parent and create their menu. I’ve tested this and it fully works. But after 30-40 seconds i push play button, sometimes they can’t remove other UMG’s from parent. I couldn’t solve this problem because first 30-40 seconds everything works fine and after that it gets broken. Remove from parent function looks still working on blueprint network while debugging, but it doesn’t. I don’t have any timer function or event in my scene to break this functionality. I don’t know if it’s a bug or i’m doing something wrong.

Here is my answerhub question:

UMG Remove from parent stops working after some time on playing - UE4 AnswerHub